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Marks service has helped me get over the line with the required visa where others failed. He genuinely seemed very happy to help. I would 100% recommend Mark. He is very helpful. obviously very good at his job, knows the laws inside out and a very genuine guy, easy to approach with any questions, ridiculous or not. Definitely the man for the job.
Successful Australian Permanent Resident, Visa3i client. Congratulations Joe!
Joe Brady
Construction Manager, UK
Mark's guidelines and documents are very clear and easy to follow. Mark has paid great attention to details. My application was successful. I believe it was because my documents were complete and reliable, which helped save inspection time by the Case Officer. I will definitely recommend Mark, and actually I have.
Sherry Liu
General Manager. China
If peace of mind and confidence in your chances of success are important, Mark will deliver. I am happy to recommend Mark (and have to others). He was professional, highly competent and caring. Because he cared I felt I could trust him with such an important process. His service helped me realise my dream of becoming an Australian citizen and settling my life here.
Successful Australian Permanent Resident applicant, Visa3i client. Congratulations Laurence!
Laurence Wolf
Director. Blockchain Consulting, USA
We found Mark's service fantastic. He was really thorough throughout the immigration process. He made things so easy to complete online and made things straight forward for us. It was a quick and easy process. I would recommend Mark, absolutely! He has been fantastic! Thanks so much. It's great having an agent as they really support you in your application and definitely point you in the right direction.
Successful Australian temporary & permanent visa and Australian Citizenship applicants. Congratulations Joe. Anna and family!
Dr.Joe & Anna Waelchli
GP& Nurse, UK
Mark is very helpful. He structured all the details clearly, with so much patience. From start-to-finish Mark is a professional consultant, trustworthy. He never wasted our time or money. In the beginning, we were a bit worried about discussing our situation with Mark in English, but throughout every contact we had, it was always smooth. Mark is very patient to explain more if there is anything unclear. We have referred so many of our friends to Mark - he is the best!
KenLin & Alice Liang
Brand Management, China/Taiwan
For those who are overwhelmed with the complex Australian migration process or have a busy work/life schedule you can rest assured that Mark will guide you every step of the way, provide you with the confidence and information required to reach your goal. We can't thank Mark enough for all his hard work in taking us on a smooth and stress-free journey, utilising efficient digital means to submit an error-free application.
Successful Australian visa sponsor, Visa3i client. Congratulations Ian!
Ian Suder
BIM Manager, Australia
It's always difficult to pick a single attribute, but Mark's patience to answer my inquiries with the visa lodgement is what I highly appreciate. Besides, his responsiveness and eye for detail are of high stature. With Mark's services, I have not faced scenarios where the visa officer has requested further evidence/details to my visa application.

I am aware that such scenarios occur, but Mark makes a decision-ready application for lodgement, and I appreciate him for that. I can definitely recommend Mark to any of my friends or even acquaintances. He is a nice person to converse with who is also a hassle-free migration agent.
Sunny Verma
Data Specialist, India
We have known Mark as clients, already for more than ten years. When we first met at his office, we saw his versatile knowledge about all question around Immigration. This confirmed our good feelings. During our application process we enjoyed and highly estimated his communication with us. Based our experience with Mark we can only recommend him for everyone who is looking for assistance with Australian immigration.
Dr. Attila & Elke Pocza
Retired Profession, Germany
Mark will always be spot on, handling the last piece of information and analysing case by case without taking any situation lightly. What I enjoyed most about Mark's service was his professionalism. For me this consisted of two basic things being handled perfectly: his excellent communication and his knowledge. We achieved excellent results. For Mark everything was crystal clear how it needed to be handled, which pathway needed to be taken and he guide us very efficiently through the whole process. I very much recommend Mark.
Carino Puopolo
ICT Project Manager, Argentina
I have nothing but praise for Mark's service! I fully trusted him and decided to go with his service without much hesitation because he has a comprehensive knowledge of and insights into the Australian immigration with a lot of experiences in dealing with similar cases like mine. What was of great help was that Mark is excellent and efficient at communications with multiple stakeholders, which saved me a lot of time and avoided unnecessary stress. My application was successful, and I cannot thank him enough. I will definitely recommend Mark to other people who need such a service.
Jie Cao
Public Relations Professional, China
I was Mark's client for many years. The part of Mark's service I liked the most is his honest and genuine human touch. The best thing Mark did for me, beside an impeccable professional service, was dealing with my constant doubts and anxiety during all the journey. He always answered to my questions, always replied making me feeling secure and taken care of. What Mark did it's very simple. He put my interests before his own. As simple as his actions were, it is hard to find somebody who behaves like that. That honesty and that integrity are priceless and they make Mark not only a diligent and efficient migration agent, they make him a right man.
Massimo Bonzi
Hospitality Manager, Italy
My main obstacle is the lack of time to spend on an application. Mark's exceptional level of organisation allowed me to spend almost all the time required upfront with my application, so there was minimal involvement needed from me during the application. I just can't speak more highly of all of Mark's services. Mark has shown an extreme level of consistency in his dealings. Perfection and expertise is Mark's second nature.
Sergio Martins
Electrical Engineer, Portugal
Marks service helped me immensely! What I liked most about Mark's service is that he took all the stress out of the process. He implemented a clear strategy and took swift action. The results are fantastic! I now have my Australian Citizenship and run my own company. I can definitely say if it wasn't for Mark's service and close attention, this wouldn't have been achievable. I had no hesitation in engaging Mark to represent me. Reflecting on his service and the outcome, I was very lucky to find him. I have also referred at least five of my friends, all of them have always said his service was brilliant.
Ross Duckett
Construction Director, UK
Mark's insights in the most up-to-date requirements, and also what to do in order to increase the chances of a successful application have been outstanding. I felt in very trusted hands with Mark. I think Mark possesses a unique level of knowledge and insights that requires extensive experience. This knowledge is likely to make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application. Therefore I highly recommend Mark if you don't want your time and money wasted on a rejected application. For me it was well worth it.
Geoff Homma
Producer, The Netherlands
The idea of approaching a migration agent wasn't an option at the beginning, because it is hard to find the balance between service and price, especially when it comes to investing your trust, future and savings on someone. Mark is very professional & considered about his clients and concerned about their future. During the whole process Mark was very calm and confident about my application and it put me in a positive mindset to embrace the journey. He treated my case in an honest and realistic way. This was probably what I appreciate the most
Alessandra Cialetta
Hospitality Manager, Italy
What I like with Mark's service is that he is honest, reliable and he is very patient to us explaining the situation. Getting your head around the immigration process is very complicated, but with the service Mark provided us, he makes it simple, clear and it builds up hope for someone who is dreaming to become Australians. I can't thank him enough for what he did for me and my family, it was a life changer for us.
Jimson Betonio
Civil Engineer, Philippines
What we enjoyed most about Mark's service is that he is incredibly knowledgeable. We had a bit of a tricky application as well and he did additional research to ensure we would be eligible before confirming us as clients. That showed a great deal of integrity. Years earlier, Mark guided my CEO towards his Australian Citizenship. So when my CEO recommended us to Mark, we were very grateful for that. If you want a good outcome, go with Mark. He exceeded all our expectations. We absolutely recommend him.
Miram Cohen &
Cassiano Margoni
Fitness Management, Canada & Brazil
Mark was incredibly helpful in assisting us along the way obtaining our permanent residency. Throughout the four-year journey, Mark helped us obtain two different types of visas. His prompt actions on providing the latest and accurate information in relation to the ever-changing immigration rules really made the whole process a lot easier and smoother. On the day we were granted our PR we just couldn’t be more grateful for how much help we received from Mark. We actually have never met Mark in person but through his professional manner and practices, we knew that we were in good hands.
Nic Sym & Phoebe Kwok
Chef, France & Hong Kong

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