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“Our mission is to secure your Australian visa.
Enjoy superior client service, from start to approval.”

Successful Australian visa and citizenship applications. Experience Visa3i knowledge and service to secure your Australian visa.
Successful Australian visa and citizenship applications. Experience Visa3i knowledge and service to secure your Australian visa.
Successful Australian visa and citizenship applications. Experience Visa3i knowledge and service to secure your Australian visa.
Successful Australian visa and citizenship applications. Experience Visa3i knowledge and service to secure your Australian visa.
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Give your Australian visa or citizenship application the best chance of success.

Exceptional Service

Careful client focus is the cornerstone of a secure and stable visa application process. We take the client service experience to the next level.

Crystal-clear, responsive communication
We pride ourselves on open and clear communication with you. We are responsive to your contacts, so you’ll never feel ignored.
Predictable & consistent timeframes
We’ll give you clear timeframes for action during preparation and lodgement. Know exactly when every step will happen, so you’re never left wondering.
We aim to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. Know where you stand at all times. You’ll never feel like you’re chasing us for an update or action.
Friendly, approachable & patient
No question you have is too silly. No concern or anxiety too trivial. Your questions are always welcome. We strive to relieve any concerns or anxieties along the way.

Knowledge & Skill

Focused skill and knowledge is the key to consistently successful visa applications.

We have honed our professional skills through more than 15 years of experience. We are expert in a wide range of Australian visa and citizenship matters.
Clear and Honest Advice
As part of our service commitment to clear communication, we ensure our professional advice is clear, upfront and honest. We will never give you a false impression about your chances of success.
Detail and accuracy
Our commitment to service is matched only by our attention to detail and accuracy. We aim to deliver accurate and persuasive work at all times.
Updated knowledge, ongoing analysis
Our professional knowledge base is continually updated. We keep a careful eye on any changes to immigration law and policy. Take a look at some of our insights & analysis on our blog page.
Flexible and Responsive.
We identify potential obstacles to your success early and carefully plan to overcome them. We are flexible and responsive throughout an ever-changing application process.
Expert Registered Australian Migration Agent (MARN 0848884). Visa3i Principal. Book a free initial consultation to see how Visa3i can assist you.
Meet Visa3i’s Principal

Mark Walsh

Mark has provided quality migration assistance and advice since early 2008. He has represented clients from many walks of life and from all over the world. Mark is friendly, approachable and prides himself on providing an excellent client service experience. He is expertly skilled in employer-sponsored, family, business & investor visas and other complex matters. Mark applies his clear problem-solving skills to client representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  

Mark holds a Masters Degree (Australian Migration Law and Practice) (Griffith University, 2011), a Graduate Certificate (Australian Migration Law & Practice (ANU, 2007) a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Chinese language and culture) (UNSW, 2003) & a Bachelor of Science Degree (Microbiology and Immunology) (UNSW 1999).

Which Visa Are You Looking For?

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Australian work visas, employer-sponsored, temporary and permanent, subclasses 482-494-186.
Employer - Sponsored Visas
Relevant Visa subclasses:
  • Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) subclass 482
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (SESR) subclass 494
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) subclass 186
Services for Employers/ Sponsors
  • Advice and assistance for small to corporate organisations with setting up SBS approval, meeting labour market testing & genuineness requirements.
  • Guidance on meeting ongoing sponsorship obligations.
Work Visa applicants
  • Full representation services, including advice, visa preparation and lodgement
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Australian family visas. Partners, parents, children and carers. Share your life in Australia with your loved ones.
Family Visas
Relevant visa subclasses
  • Partner Visas – subclasses 820/309, 801/100 & 300
  • Parents – subclasses 143/173, 804/103, 870
Services for visa applicants and Australian sponsors
  • Advice & guidance on meeting the evidence of relationship requirements
  • Full preparation and lodgement services
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Australian business and investor visas. Own and run an Australian business or maintain investment activity in Australia. Explore your opportunity for success in Australia.
Business & Investor
Relevant visa subclasses
  •  Business Innovation & Investment (subclasses 188 & 888)
Full-service representation & one-stop shop packages
  • Assessment of financial capacity
  • Planning/ Strategy for meeting all requirements
  • Advice on navigating state nomination requirements
  • Referrals to trusted third-party professionals in business planning, accounting, education, real estate, investment, as required.
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Australian visa refusal appeal applications. Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Advice and full-representation services.
AAT Review
  • Representation and assistance for application to review a decision to refusal or cancel a visa (other than under s501 of the Migration Act)
  • Research and preparation of detailed and persuasive submissions
  • Assistance with understanding the processes of a Hearing, and preparation for potential questions.
  • Representation at Hearing (online or in-person, as applicable)
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Australian visas and citizenship. Realise your dream and join the Australian community.
Australian Citizenship
Citizenship by conferral applications
  • Including applicants 60 years or older, or applicants requiring exemptions to the general residence requirements
Services for Australian Citizenship applicants
  • Full-service advice, preparation and lodgement of application
  • Guidance on resources and process for Australian Citizenship test
  • Assistance with insight and requirements for the Citizenship interview
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Complex Australian visa matters. Character & health issues. Waivers and response to cancellation & refusal notifications.
Complex Australian Visa Matters
Assistance with the following complex matters
  • Character issues
  • Health Waivers
  • Schedule 3 requirements
  • Notices of Intention to Consider Cancellation, Refusal or Sanction
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