July 5, 2022

Subclass 482 Visa Labour Market Testing (LMT) and Workforce Australia

How to set up a Workforce Australia job advertisement

Mark Walsh

On 4 July 2022, Workforce Australia replaced Job Active as one of the legislated job advertising platforms for employers aiming to meet subclass 482 visa Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirements.  

So, how do you set up an advertisement, and what sort of things should you be paying attention to?

To set up a Workforce Australia job advertisement, follow these steps.

1.      Go to the Workforce Australia website. Select ‘sign in or register'

2.      Select ‘Continue with Digital Identity.’

3.      Redirect to myGov ID login/ set up page.

MyGov ID login/set up

5.      If you don’t have a MyGovID for your business, download the MyGov app from the Apple store or Google Play. Within the app set up your MyGov account by providing the requested identification. Once you have a MyGovID, enter your myGovID email address.

8.      You’ll be directed to the access code page. You’ll need to open the MyGovID on your mobile device and enter this code where prompted.

MyGov code access page

9.    On entering the code, you’ll then be directed to your business’ Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) page

Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

10.  Choose the business/organisation you wish to use to place the Workforce Australia advertisement.

11.  Give consent to Department of Education, Skills and Employment to share certain details.

Consent to share certain details

12.  Select ‘advertise a job.’

Advertise a job

13.  You can choose to create a job from scratch or use a previous job ad your organisation has used as a guide.

14.  Fill in the sections of the job ad, as required.

Remember, for a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) nomination application to meet LMT requirements; you need at a minimum:

  • The sponsor/employer’s name, i.e. your company (or trading) name
  • A job title or description of the position
  • The skills or experience required for the position
  • The salary for the position. In the case of Workforce Australia advertisements, you can choose a salary range, or embed the exact proposed salary in the job description section.

Importantly, the advertisements needs to run for at least 4 weeks, so select ’32 days (maximum)’ when prompted.

'32 days minimum' advertisement duration

If you would like assistance with a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) application or would like advice on other employer-sponsored visa matters, contact us


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