June 5, 2022

Do I need a Skills Assessment for a TSS (subclass 482) visa?

How to determine whether you need a Skills Assessment for a temporary employer-sponsored visa (TSS).

Mark Walsh

The Skills Assessment framework for Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visas can be bewildering. To the casual observer, the requirements can appear arbitrary.

For example, it is not clear why Zimbabwean Chefs require a Skills Assessment, whereas Kenyans do not. Or Indian Motor Mechanics must provide Skills Assessments, but their Sri Lankan neighbours do not.

Some have speculated that the nationality list is based merely on the presence (or lack thereof) of Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) offices in those countries rather than a genuine consideration of matching the skills of potential candidates to Australian standards. Of course, this may only be cynical guesswork.

However, it is clear that if you are from the following countries and you work in a trade occupation, then there is a good chance you will be required to provide a skills assessment for a TSS visa application. The list is:

Brazil, China, Fiji, Hong Kong SAR, India, Macau SAR, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Further, if you are a Chef or Cook, added to the list above are passport holders from:

Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.

The list of trades occupations (with ANZSCO) for TSS Skills Assessments include:

Automotive Electrician (321111), Baker (351111), Cabinetmaker (394111), Carpenter (331212), Carpenter and Joiner (331211), Chef (351311), Cook (351411), Diesel Motor Mechanic (321212), Electrician (General)(341111), Electrician (Special Class)(341112), Fitter (General)(323211), Fitter and Turner (323212), Fitter-Welder (323213), Joiner (331213), Metal Fabricator (322311), Metal Machinist (First Class)(323214), Metal Fitters and Machinists NEC (323299), Motor Mechanic (General)(321211), Panelbeater (324111), Pastrycook(351112), Sheetmetal Trades Worker (322211), Toolmaker (323412) & Welder (First Class)(322313)

Further, there are two non-trades occupations on the occupation list for TSS Skills Assessments:

Specialist Manager NEC. (ANZSCO 139999) and Program or Project Administrator (ANZSCO 511112)
How do I find out if I need a skills assessment?

The starting point is to determine if you are a passport holder of a specified nationality, and your nominated occupation is also specified. If you are on these lists and are not exempt* you will be required to provide a Skills assessment (or evidence of application for a Skills Assessment) at the time of application for a TSS (subclass 482) visa.

Follow these steps to see if you are required to provide a Skills Assessment.

Step 1. Go to the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) website.

Go to the following link. If your passport and proposed occupation appear on the list, you will likely need a skills assessment.

Step 2. Find out whether you are exempt from a Skills Assessment.

Under relevant legislation you may be exempt from providing a Skills Assessment. If you fit any of the following scenarios, you are exempt from providing a Skills assessment for a TSS visa.

  1. You hold a subclass 457 or 482 visa, and you met the primary criteria for grant of those visas.
  2. You are employed by an overseas business, which now is proposing to sponsor & nominate you in the same (or similar)position in Australia.
  3. You hold a relevant qualification specified in the ANZSCO for the nominated position, and this qualification was obtained by completing a course or training in Australia for the occupation.
  4. The proposed occupation requires a licence, registration or membership to perform the occupation, and you hold such licensing, registration or membership.
  5. You meet the Offshore Skills Assessment Program requirements set out by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) in the nominated occupation.
  6. You are a Specialist Manager NEC. (ANZSCO 139999) or Program or Project Administrator (ANZSCO 511112), you hold relevant qualifications, and your proposed base salary is greater than AUD 180,000. Your sponsoring employer also needs to be an Accredited Standard Business Sponsor.
Step 3. Prepare and apply for your Skills Assessment application.

Suppose you are on the nominated nationality/occupation list, and you are not exempt. In that case, you will need to either provide a Successful Skills assessment or evidence of an application for a Skills Assessment at the time of application for a TSS (subclass 482) visa. Skills assessments for TSS purposes are valid for three years.

Start your preparations here

If you would like assistance with a Skills Assessment application or would like to clarify whether you are exempt from a skills assessment, contact us


The information provided in this article or anywhere on this website is of a general nature, it does not relate to your specific circumstance. This general information must not be used to form any assessment or opinion on individual visa eligibility. For an individual assessment contact us for a consultation session to confirm if you are eligible for any visa. 


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