Australian Migration Services

Do you offer Australian migration services?

Yes. Visa3i's principal Author, Mark Walsh is a Registered Australian Migration Agent (MARN 0848884). You can contact Mark to find out more.

Which areas of Australian immigration do you specialise?

Mark covers a wide range of applications. If you'd like representation for a business/investor, family, work, student, visitor visa or AAT review- then he has you covered. Learn more about Mark's expertise here.

Do you offer one-off consultations or a document-checking service?

Yes. In many cases a visa applicant is completely capable of preparing and lodging an application without assistance. We do offer one-off consultations and document-checking services in case you'd like just a bit of extra support before lodging. Contact Mark for more information.


I'm a Registered Migration Agent/ Lawyer. My website's blog is gathering dust. Can you help out?

We have all been there. We get a rush of blood to the head and 'commit' to regular blogging content - or worse, we engage non-professionals to write sub-standard content that needs reworking. When the work starts flowing in, content creation takes a back seat.

Mark offers Australian Immigration content writing services to ensure your website and/or social media remains relevant. Contact Mark for details on packages available.


What are the terms of use for this blog?

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this website, the information is intended to be of a general nature. It should not be taken as a substitute to immigration assistance or legal advice.

Mark Walsh expressly disclaim any liability, arising at law, in equity or otherwise, for any information published or not published in past, the present or future versions of this website.

If you require immigration assistance, you should consult with a Registered Migration Agent. All materials on this website are subject to copywrite and should not be published in full or part, without the permission of Mark Walsh.

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